Hello, I'm Ryan

Ryan Michael Sirois is a writer and art director living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He recently completed King of Stars, an inspiring memoir about his journey with addiction, sexuality and growing up. Ryan writes regularly for his blog TwelveOneFive, which centers around themes of recovery, acceptance, identity and that stuff we call ‘being human’.

About the book

An inspiring memoir by Ryan Michael Sirois, King of Stars is the journey of a young boy balancing worlds of light and dark as he discovers himself by losing himself along the way. A modern coming of age story, King of Stars shines light on the uncomfortable. On situations often left hidden in shadow. A raw and honest account of sexual identity, addiction and growing up.

It is a voice for anyone who is searching, hiding, or standing still.

Those invisible monsters that still creep in shadow.
We share the dark, each in search of our own light.

-King of Stars

TwelveOneFive Blog

TwelveOneFive is a blog about that stuff we call ‘being human’. Stories of transformation and hope, stories of loss and fear. It’s about the good days and the growth days, the light and the dark.
But most of all, TwelveOneFive is honest, it is raw, and it proves we are never alone.

Recent Posts

Sunrise / Sunset
February 21, 2017

You can listen to the audio version of “Sunrise / Sunset” read by Ryan Michael Sirois or check out the entry below!   It starts with Bright Eyes’ song, “Sunrise, Sunset”, as I drive up I95. The visual is a pale pink ribbon pirouetting through a black sky, a silk streamer twirling as if guided…

The Let Go
February 13, 2017

You can listen to the audio version of “The Let Go” read by Ryan Michael Sirois or read the entry below!   I’d rather be left alone. Stay home, shut the door and dissolve in front of the television. Preferably streaming a Hulu or Netflix series as per usual. As per every dip in frequency….